• HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

    • Productivity(m³/h): 60
    • Discharger capacity(L): 1000
    • Discharger height(m): 3.8
    • Mixed aggregate(m³*qty): 7*4
    • Total power(kw): 142

    Introduction of HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

    HZS60 concrete batching plant is also named as 60 commercial concrete baching plant.  It can mix dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and every ratio of concrete well within ideal time. HZS60 concrete batching plant is a kind of intermittent forced mixing plant, like mixing building, which can lift all material at one time. Host mixing machine is JS1000 double-horizontal-shaft forced concrete mixer with good mixing quality and high productivity. Moreover:
    1. The total power doesn't include the power of cement screw;
    2. Non-standard design could be made according to clients' demand;
    3. The above-mentioned data could be changed due to the designing improvement, please check the updated configuration when purchasing.



    1. Adopt modular structure which is convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation. Can be laid out in various forms and applicable for different sites.
    2. Measuring elements and control elements of all measuring units are controlled by microcomputer, completely guaranteeing the measuring accuracy and performance stability.
    3. loading, batching, measuring, feeding, mixing and discharging of powder material are carried out in closed state. High-quality dust collector in main mixing building, enclosed main mixing building and belt conveyor reduce greatly dust pollution and noise pollution.
    4. Platform and ladder in every maintenance part, and high-pressure pump cleaning device for host machine cleaning make the maintenance performance excellent.
    5. Adopt double-computer control system overall, and automatically ensure the continuous operation control during the shift of the two computer. Dynamic panel display shows clearly the operating situations of every part. Intuitive monitoring interface displays clearly and correctly the operation process on site. Can print and manage report forms.
    6. Electronic control system, with stable overall performance and great functions, adopts imported elements. Detect abnormal conditions and faults automatically, and use text, voice and light to alert, in favor of maintenance and troubleshooting.


    Model HZS60
    Theoretical productivity 60m³/h
    Aggregate hopper 13m³
    Aggregate diameter 60mm
    Mixer type MAO1500/1000
    Mixer discharging capacity 1m³
    Belt conveying capacity 300t/h
    Aggregate weighing accuracy 1200kg±2%
    Cement weighing accuracy 600kg±1%
    Fly ash weighing accuracy 300kg±1%
    Water weighing accuracy 350kg±1%
    Additive weighing accuracy 30kg±1%

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