• HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant

    • Productivity(m³/h):180
    • Discharging capacity(L):3000
    • Discharge height(m):4
    • Mixed aggregate(m³*qty):25*4
    • Mixer type:JS3000

    Introduction of HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant

    1. Jianxin HZS180 concrete batching plant is equipped with computer management system and automatic control system whose operation is easy and convenient, adopting Windows2000 system, whole working state of each equipment uses analog display and sound-light alarm.
    2. During working of the  the concrete mixing plant, the whole working process is controlled by computer only after operating a little of buttons. Adopt JS3000 forced double-horizontal-shaft
    cement mixer (also called 3 yard concrete mixer) and imported electric elements.
    3. Equipment of HZS180 concrete batching plant production line includes double-horizontal-shaft mixer, batcher, cement silo, screw conveyor, conveyor belt and computer control room.



    1. With the concept of high-quality, energy savings, waste recycling and environmental protection, providing a strong support for the green high performing concrete production.
    2. Closed environment-friendly sand and gravel weighing and conveying systems minimize the noise pollution.
    3. Negative-pressure pulse bag dust collector solves the flying dust and pollution problem, protecting environment with the efficient energy application.
    4. Wet concrete separation and recovery equipment is laid out as a closed system of sewage disposal and sand/gravel recovery to recycle slurry and waste, reaching the zero-emission and minimizing environmental pollution for the purposed of energy savings and environment-friendly production.
    5. Weighing system, with high accuracy, adopts worldwide known brands of weighing, controlling and signal converting elements, highly accurate sensors, imported controlling computer, and independent weighting of materials (or accumulative weighing), operating stably and weighing accurately. Screw conveyor especially for conveying powder material adopts variable-pitch blades with high conveying efficiency. Pneumatic butterfly valve is sealed perfectly and works reliably. Water and liquid additive adopts highly accurate coarse or fine weighing method.
    6. The plant has a greatly reliable fully-automatic control system, with advanced control mode of industrial PC+PLC+display instruments. PLC as lower machine controls executive signals sampling and output, industrial PC as upper machine dynamically displays the production process and production management, and instruments display batching data of each scale. Two options of fully automatic control and manual control can be carried out with easy operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible extension.


    Model HZS180
    Theoretical productivity 180m³/h
    Mixer type JS3000
    Control Fully automatic central control
    Maximum aggregate diameter 80mm
    Aggregate hoppper volume 4x18m³
    Aggregate feeding method Belt conveyor
    Cement silo (optional) Required on clients' demand
    Cement screw conveyor (optional) Each cement silo with one φ325 screw
    Aggregate weighing range and accuracy 4000kg±2%
    Cement weighing range and accuaracy 1800kg±1%
    Fly ash weighing range and accuracy 800kg±1%
    Water weighing range and accuracy 800kg±1%
    Additive weighing range and accuracy 50kg±1%

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