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    Introduction of Electric concrete mixer

    Electric concrete mixer supply

    The small electric concrete mixer adopts rubber friction roller transmission, with low noise, smooth operation, convenient movement, good mixing quality and high production efficiency. It is suitable for mixing hard, semi dry, plastic and various proportions of concrete, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions. In operation, stary the machine firstly, feeding while the drum is running and do not close it when the roller is running.



    electric concrete mixer
     small electric concrete mixer


    1. The strongest "core" - high quality motor

    It adopts imported pure copper maintenance free motor. The main engine has the advanced technology of cold resistance, high temperature resistance, water proof and high pressure resistance. The whole machine has the advantages of convenient transportation, simple installation, low cost, and construction site and weather are not restricted.

    2. Any environment can be used

    The old style blender is heavy, difficult to transport, and occupies a large area. It can only be used indoor when the weather and temperature are suitable.

    3. Small size, large capacity

    New type mixer not only has all functions of the old mixer. One machine can supply about 6-7 excellent bricklaying materials.

    4. The structure is reasonable and the mixing is uniform.

    The mixer has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good mixing quality, short stirring time, low energy consumption and low noise.

    5. Wear-resistant and durable

    The motor power drives the tank to rotate just in proportion, and makes use of inertia effect to make the material self turning mode in the tank body, and achieves the effect of fast mixing speed, uniform mixing, durable wear resistance.



    Type of mixer:forced type

    application field:engineering building

    Material type: solid-liquid

    Applicable materials:concrete

    dynamic type:electric



    Model:350 concrete mixer

    Mixing way:self falling mixing

    Operation mide:circulation

    Mixing shape:drum type

    Discharging capacity: 300-500L(L)

    Device mode:mobile

    electric motor power:4(Kw)

    Production capacity:350(L)

    Speed range:15(r/min)

    Barrel capacity:360(L)

    Concrete mechanical type: concrete mixer

    Note: minimum order number: 5

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