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    Introduction of Control system

    The control system of the concrete batching plant has the modes of manual, semi-automatic and automatic. It can be equipped with 1-7 set of weighing and displaying control instruments, and the semi-automatic or automatic controller can be made in accordance with the requirements of the customers.
    Henan Jianxin concrete mixing plant control system, using electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display control technology of the latest design, electronic weighing with cushion device and automatic compensation function, high measuring accuracy; convenient operation, powerful function. The independent design of micro machine mixing plant control room improves the mixing safety and convenient operation of the project.
    The mixing plant uses advanced automatic control system, set the application of simulation technology in the field of concrete, intelligent control, automatic control and manual control as a whole, real-time observation and statistics of mixing process and production conditions of the station building, and can be connected with the detection of sand and stone water content, concrete slump control, and can make the online temperature compensation automatically, so as to achieve the purpose of adding sand and reducing water; can provide remote communication interface to each workstation to achieve real-time data transfer to office and reads production process data, convenient to manage.


    control system
    control system of concrete batching plant
    Jianxin control system


    The control system of the mixing plant has the following characteristics:
    1. automatic zero point tracking, digital calibrating scale
    2. can store ten kinds of recipes
    3. can set the number of batching ingredients
    4. Different materials can be measured separately
    5. The hopper has the waiting function
    6. Save time and improve work efficiency
    7. The modular structure is simple in operation, reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance
    8. Aggregate, water and additives are independently measured and controlled, and all ingredients are batching at the same time, and the drop correction is automatically completed in the initial batching, ensuring the accuracy of the mix proportion and improving the work efficiency.
    9. When the button on the operating table is working automatically, all the buttons on the working state are lighted. The working state is clear at a glance.


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