• Concrete Mixer Truck

    • Drum capacity:3m³~10m³
    • Width of discharge outlet:1m
    • Height of feed inlet: 3.1~3.6m
    • Loading ratio:0.67

    Introduction of Concrete Mixer Truck

    Concrete mixer truck from Jianxin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd follows European and American popular styles to give the truck beautiful appearance and compact structure. Material of drum is special wear-resistant steel plate, to ensure the wear resistance of drum. Mixing drum and chassis are fixed together by U-bolts and iron pad to make up a concrete mixer truck. Th main function of the truck is to transport ready-mixed concrete to the appointed place. Components are treated by phosphating technology and shot peening pre-treatment process. Use special fixture and Panasonic automatic protecting welding machine to weld the drum. Spray paint is totally according to painting standard of luxury bus, with an industry-leading quality.



    1. Hydraulic elements are quality products from key enterprises.
    2. Mechanical components have reasonable structure, easy operation and reliable performance.
    3. The mixing drum keeps rotating when the truck is moving to avoid separation and precipitation of cement slurry, so that quality of ready-mixed concrete is ensured during the transportation.


    Model Concrete Mixer Truck
    Drum capacity 3-10m³
    Width of discharge outlet (Minimum) 1m
    Height of feed inlet 3.1-3.6m
    Loading ratio 0.67
    Rotating speed of drum 0-14r/min
    Total weight 4000kg-10500kg

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