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  • Cement Silo

    • Silo diameter:2.5-3m³
    • Silo height:4.8-11.4m
    • Total height:11.4-18m

    Introduction of Cement Silo

    Cement silo is generally used for the bulk cement storage in the concrete batching plant. It is a kind of enclosed silo storing the bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash and powder. Our cement silo is equipped with level system to show the level and quantity of materials, and with hole breaking device to solve the stiff situation of cement cause by long-time storage. Cement silo cooperates with screw conveying pump to convey materials to every right position. The silo with convenient installation and reliable operation is the ideal storage tank for bulk materials.
    There are detachable and undetachable cement silos which can be chosen according to users' practical requirements.



    1. Cement silo is always used as the matching equipment of concrete batching plant (mixing building).
    2. Applicable for the storage of bulk cement and dry fly ash, with the characteristics of rain proof, moisture proof and convenient operation. Dimensions can be designed according to requirements of customers.
    3. Generally it has cylindrical structure with support arms, installing dust collecting device in the upper part to avoid dust leakage and installing arch breaking device in the lower part to prevent powder from caking, and installing level sensor to monitor the usage of materials.
    4. Generally adopt bulk cement truck to send powder materials into the silo. There are two ways of unloading according to different structures of cement silos: first, bottom part of cement silo connects with screw conveyor, and the the screw conveyor puts powder materials into powder measuring process; second, use pneumatic conveying method (for specially structured cement silo).


    Model Cement Silo
    Silo diameter 2.5-3m³
    Silo height 4.8-11.4m
    Total height 11.4-18m
    Matched mixer JD series
    Matched screw LYS series

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